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Poster: billbarstad Date: Aug 29, 2010 2:07pm
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: Are any of these in the public domain ??

I thought they just didn't need to be registered. I think you're right, though. Tired, fuzzy brain. A valid notice is key.

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Poster: Mystic550 Date: Aug 29, 2010 4:32pm
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: Are any of these in the public domain ??

I checked the two films before 1950

Sing, Sinner, Sing (1933)
I checked the Cumulative Catalog for 1912-1939 and I didn't find any registration. I also checked for renewals but couldn't check Aug-Dec 1961 because it isn't online. But any renewal would be invalid because they never registered it originally. I also checked "Clip Joint (original script title)" and found nothing.

The Fighting Rats of Tobruk (1944)

I didn't find any registrations or renewals for the U.S.
I did find a Gatt NIE under the original title "The Rats of Tobruk (original title)". However, this seems funny. It lists the owner as a U.S. company. How can a U.S. company file for GATT restoration of a foreign film?

From the GATT circular 38b available online from the Copyright office"

"Owners of works whose source countries
were members of the Berne Convention or the WTO
as of January 1, 1996, and who wanted to file NIEs with the
Copyight Office had to do so between January 1, 1996, and
December 31, 1997."

These are the two listings that I found:

Type of Work: Recorded Document
Document Number: V8005P138
Date of Recordation: 1997-12-18
Entire Copyright Document: V8005P138 (Single page document)
Title: The rats of Tobruk / Additional title: Fighting rats of Tobruk.
Notes: Motion picture. Filed for all rights.
Notice of intent to enforce a copyright restored under the Uruguay Round Agreements Act.
Owner: Independent-International Pictures Corporation. 400 Perrine Road; Old Bridge, New Jersey 08857. PHONE: 732-727-8500. FAX: 732-727-8881.
Author: Chamun Productions.
Date of Publication: 1998-01-30

Variant title: Fighting rats of Tobruk.
Names: Independent-International Pictures Corporation.
Chamun Productions.

Another registration was filed a year later for the VHS tape

Type of Work: Motion Picture
Registration Number / Date: PA0000903166 / 1998-05-14
Application Title: The rats of Tobruk.
Title: The fighting rats of Tobruk : The man who stopped Rommel / produced & directed by Charles Chauvel.
Description: Videocassette ; 1/2 in.
Copyright Claimant: Independent-International Pictures Corporation
Date of Publication: 1944
Authorship on Application: Chamun Productions.
Copyright Note: Reg. under GATT/URAA restoration

Other Title: The man who stopped Rommel
The rats of Tobruk
Names: Chauvel, Charles
Independent-International Pictures Corporation
Chamun Productions